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What can I say about Cindy Aragon. She told me that she would save me money, and she did. Aragon-Haas Insurance Brokers saved me over 25% of the premium I have been paying. Don’t wait. Don’t miss out on savings. Call Aragon-Haas today!”

Markus Willoughby

Willoughby Law Firm, Inc.

“I gave Aragon-Haas literally 72 hours to provide our firm with a competitive quote, and they were very responsive. Not only did they save us money, they provided us with a better policy. Take the time to have Aragon-Haas review your insurance. It will not take long, and the results could be very beneficial to your law firm.”

John Feder

Rouda, Feder, Tietjen & McGuinn

“Bumping into Cindy Aragon literally saved me $10,000. Twenty-four hours after meeting at an STFLA event, Aragon gave me a quote that was $10,000 less than my renewal quote. You may be paying too much too!”

Robert E. Cartwright Jr.

The Cartwright Law Firm

“Aragon-Haas saved me 25% of the premium I paid last year. It was from their new, HCC (US Specialty) admitted program which included a short application and a swift process. Aragon-Haas is not only devoted to economy, but also to service, and professionalism – a true ally of the trial attorney. Contact them, you won’t be disappointed.”

Claude A. Wyle

Choulos, Choulos, & Wyle

“I’ve trusted Aragon-Haas to secure my professional liability insurance for 10 years. The best thing is I never worry about shopping for the lowest premium or best coverage. They do it for me, and they make the process quick and easy. As a member of the SFTLA Board of Directors, I know Aragon-Haas has been a major supporter of our association. No matter who provides your insurance now, you can’t go wrong calling Aragon-Haas for a competitive quote.”

Mark Zanobini

Law Office of Mark J. Zanobini, P.C.

 “I gave Aragon-Haas my professional liability renewal quote and they gave me a savings of over $15,000 and it was through their HCC (U.S. Specialty) program, too!! Wow. I gave them my workers compensation policy as well, and they saved me over 50%! Honestly, give Aragon-Haas a call. You may be as impressed as I was.”

Frank C, Liuzzi

Liuzzi, Murphy, Solomon, Churton & Hale LLP

“I received crucial information from Aragon-Haas regarding the shortcomings of my prior insurance policy, after which I received multiple options with very competitive premiums. But more importantly, and I can’t stress this enough, I was able to choose better coverage for my firm. If you want insurance insights as well as options, contact Aragon-Haas.”

Skip Walker

Walker, Hamilton, & Koenig, LLP

“Simply put, Aragon-Haas is the best.”

Anna Dubrovsky

Anna Dubrovsky Law Group, Inc.

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