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“What can I say about Cindy Aragon? She told me she would save me premium, and she did. Aragon-Haas saved me almost 50% of the premium I had been paying, and there were NO annoying fees added on to inflate the cost! Don’t wait. Don’t miss out on savings. Call Aragon-Haas today.”

Jeff & Mike Padilla

The Padilla Law Group

 “Aragon-Haas saved me almost $10,000! Couldn’t be happier. They even reduced my deductible! For the past 8 years, they’ve given me multiple options, looking for the lowest premium. Great job!”

Michael Pines

Pine Salomon Injury Lawyers, APC

“When I started my firm, Aragon-Haas explained to me how to save substantial premium. We discussed options for avoiding liability inherent in my departure from my former firm, and the result was a stunning premium savings. Don’t just think about calling Aragon-Haas, do it. You may be relieved as I was.”

John J. Rice

The Lien Project

“Cindy Aragon and her team saved our firm over $3000 each year we have been with their company. Their great service, prices and flexible options have really impressed us. I very much appreciate their strong professional service with this important insurance coverage. Aragon-Haas is a friend of CASD, and we are glad we gave them a chance to take care of our firm.”

Benjamin C. Bunn

2002 CASD President | Bunn Law Group. PC

“Aragon-Haas quoted virtually the same limits, deductible and premium for an admitted insurance company as I had from my existing non-admitted carrier. I couldn’t be more satisfied.”

Timothy G. Blood

2015 CASD President | Blood Hurst & O’Reardon, LLP

 “Aragon-Haas gave me a quote that was over $1,000 less than my current insurance carrier. I’m glad I contacted Aragon-Haas, and suggest you do, too.”

Edward ‘Skip’ Babbitt

Law Office of Edward J. Babbitt

“I contacted Aragon-Haas Brokers when I decided to start a new firm about 5 years ago. Cindy quickly jumped into action and within a few days I had a policy that included full prior acts coverage. At a time when I had a lot to do, Cindy certainly helped me get one of the important things done so quickly and efficiently.”

Scott D. Levine

2010 CASD President | Scott D. Levine, APC

“I’ve trusted Aragon-Haas to secure my professional liability insurance for over 20 years. The best thing is I never worry about shopping for the lowest premiums or best coverage. They do it for me, and they make the process quick and easy. As CASD 2012 Outstanding Trial Lawyer, I know Aragon-Haas has been a major supporter of our association. No matter who provides your insurance now, you can’t go wrong calling Aragon-Haas for a competitive quote.”

Mark B. Simowitz

Mark B. Simowitz, APC

“I’ve obtained insurance through Aragon-Haas for almost 11 years, and my premium has not increased! In fact, it dropped almost 10% and this year the renewal premium remained the same. It’s because of the insurance program, unique to Aragon-Haas, which includes a short application. The renewal process was even easier, I couldn’t be more pleased. If you want to save premium and do it easily, contact Aragon-Haas.”

Karin H. Wick

Law Office of Karin H. Wick

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